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  • Software Development Services

    Please go here to see how our software development team will help you reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue opportunities.

  • Software Testing Services

    Please go here to see how our software testing team will help you reduce cost, improve  time to market and increase quality levels for your critical software applications.

  • Fixed Asset Management

    Please go here to see how our Global Fixed Asset Management offering will help you reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction by providing a global reach to your assets.



GlobalNow is a software testing and technology services company with headquarters in Dallas Texas. GlobalNow was founded in 2002 by a group of seasoned business and technology professionals with their original mission to “Generate revenue for clients while ensuring delivery”. Since then, GlobalNow has evolved into a valuable IT solutions provider that enhances its client’s performance in the areas of revenue generation, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

We are Awesome!

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Our Philosophy


We think that you will Love GlobalNow.

Our focus is first and foremost to provide you with great customer service. We believe great customer service includes attributes such as timely delivery, meeting commitments, being responsive to issues, availability of resources for communication and flexibility to incorporate change. Building a trusted relationship with you based on these values is ultimately what allows both of us to be successful.

We strive to incorporate our core values into everything we do.  This includes being honest throughout our processes and communication, transparency with our clients, working hard while gaining satisfaction from meeting tough challenges, respect for global diversity and individual team members, and taking seriously our client’s needs and challenges.  Working with like-minded clients who share these values is when we realize our greatest potential.


"The GlobalNow team delivered our highly visible and challenging projects on time and without any major incident; due to their flexibility and willingness to do what it took to get the job done.”

"GlobalNow has consistently been a top-shelf partner. They are experts at identifying specific resource needs, with the value add of providing strategic consulting around their utilization."


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